Bryndwr Baptist

Bryndwr Baptist is a site designed for a church. Based around the Joomla content management system. It allows a number of individuals to author content and submit it though a authority process, controlled by someone deemed to be an administrator.

in2edu - Education

screenshot_04 is an educational site with an emphasis on learning. Quick loading and easy navigation are two important features in this site. It carries over 5000 links within a specialised bookmarks/ favourites system that allows for ongoing maintenance and registrations from individuals interested in gaining wider access to the resources. Also features an integrated use of Wordpress blogging software.


Youth and Young Adult contemporary church service. Quick, stylish and simple so that it can inform and update those interested on a weekly basis.

Science Postcards

Science Postcards Experiments in Literacy
A newly launched science site featuring literacy in experiments and science exploration. The start of something big we believe, with the very positive reception this concept has received so far.